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Nowadays nobody has time to sit in front of the television and wait to watch some show, or wait one, two and even three months for the next issue of a magazine, which when all the information contained in it is distributed is already outdated and does not attract the public interest. Everyone is connected 24 hours through the internet and social networks and watch what they want and when they want. That is why we launched  UK No Ar in March 2017. UK No Ar is the first and only channel to be shown for free and live on Facebook and soon on other platforms for the entire Portuguese-speaking community living in the UK and Europe. We have a daily live schedule with Portuguese content broadcasted from Uk No Ar studios located in North London. All our content seeks an approximation, an involvement and a permanent interaction with the Portuguese-speaking immigrant community, who needed a channel that would offer them information and entertainment in Portuguese and about local subjects. We reach about 500,000 views per week only on Facebook. All this range is 100% organic, we do not pay to get neither likes nor followers. 87% of our target audience is concentrated in the UK. Live shows allow for immediate interaction between the presenters and the audience, who actively participates through the comments.Many companies have already discovered and found that associating their brands with UK No Ar brings real results to their business because their target audience constantly watches our daily contents. Contact us and advertise your brand with us.

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